Yorkshire Lasses Filming day with ITV Tyne Tees

25 Apr 2017

Blog by Kate Horsfall


Not being a camera or media shy bunch of Lasses, when approached by ITV Tyne Tees to help them with filming a piece on cycling, leading up to the TDY - the answer was of course yes…!

So there we were on Bank Holiday Monday at our usual rendezvous All Terrain Cycles in Wetherby, where we met Tony - who quickly became known to us as Tony 2 cameras - and Julia Barthram a reporter for Tyne Tees. We also were very excited to meet John who was our drone captain for the day!

We had planned on riding to Ripley Castle on the route the TDY would take from Wetherby, as this route has some fab villages for great footage of our lovely county, and it was just what Julia was hoping for in her piece so was perfect.

So without further a do, I became the camera mule for the day…..I had one attached to my bike via a metal arm and one harnessed to my back which to be fair was not a good look but in the name of great television I took one from behind for the team!

Jan also had her go pro on and Tony 2 cameras was transported by Carl for the day, with support team Beth and Ian in his support vehicles too, we had all eventualities and camera angles covered and we were off! God only knows what the other road users must have thought in our tight formations we hogged the road in the name of great television and our support vehicles close by with their signs on to let others know who they were….it worked quite well with only a small minority beeping and being impatient.

Julia rode with us and chatted to us on the way, the Drone was ready to meet us at our first location in Kirk Deighton, and we flew by only to find we had to go back and re do it as he hadn’t got us! We had to go back and rode it a few times to ensure the right shots were captured, the sun was out and we were having fun so we didn’t mind!!!!

Then onto Little Ribston and Knaresborough where we hit some major traffic but we managed to keep formation dropping into the bottom of the town and spotted Tony 2 cameras hiding in a bush for his shot! Then for the tight short sharp climb out of Knaresborough…..that was a leg warmer! It wasn’t long and we were well on our way into Ripley Castle and when we arrived….We Arrived!!!!!

The castle staff had cleared the gate entrance for us despite there being some band function on in the yard we made it into the front of the castle across the difficult pebble courtyard and waved up at the drone….we are excited to see that shot! We all felt like VIP’s or a Pro team. Especially with Ian, Beth and Carl on crowd control duty as we kept getting a few photo bombers in our shots! 

Julia had an interview with Jude and the rest of us went to the cafe for tea and cake, and as the afternoon ticked away we had more interviews outside the café with Julia. As the photos show we all had a great time and are lucky to be able to cycle in such a beautiful area of the country.

We now can’t wait to see the final piece which is due to be aired on our screens on the 25th April……exciting times!


To see the footage from ITV Click Here





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