We have been having various discussions recently within the club regarding ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact details, so thought the below may be helpful to keep safe whilst out enjoying your bike.

Some of us wear ID bracelets with next of kin details, along with any medical information that may need to be known, there are also helmet stickers and helmet ID tags on the market. However with a helmet ID it is not always safe to touch this, should you be in the unfortunate situation where you have come off your bike. Therefore a combination of ICE details being of access to those that need it is probably a good idea.

I personally wear an ID bracelet and it has become habit to wear this just like any other piece of my bike kit, and started to do this when I used to ride alone a lot more. However just because you are riding in a group, it doesn't mean the importance of ICE details are any less. More importantly the group need to know where your details are and that you have them on you - it may be as simple as a piece of paper or card carried in your pocket.

Most smartphones now also have medical ID as part of their operating system which allows anyone to access this information without needing to unlock your phone. Below is a link that will show you how to do this for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

How to add ICE info to your phone's lock screen

In addition here are a few links to some ID options to wear or put on your helmet - these are by no means recommendations - just options to show you what is available and how inexpensive they are. Do your own google search to see what suits your requirements. There are also various ID apps on the market too, as well as a St John's ambulance app specifically for cyclists that some of us have discovered recently which provides useful info.



Hope no one is in the position to ever need the above. Being prepared will only aid in faster medical care should you ever need it to assist the emergency services, and anyone else riding with you to look after you.....as a famous supermarket brand says.....every little helps!

Stay safe and enjoy those two wheels.


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