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Additional Sportive Information & FAQ's

11 Nov 2016


Carlton Lodge Outdoor Centre, Carlton Lodge, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk. YO7 4NJ

We are sorry but no dogs are permitted on the Carlton Lodge site, thank you for your co-operation. 

Carlton Lodge website




Q. What bike do I need?

Mountain bike, hybrid or road bike is most suitable for the 30 ml route.

Hybrid or road is more suitable for the 60ml or 103 ml

If you decide to ride a mountain bike on the longer routes we would highly recommend you put slick tyres on (smoother rubber)

It is course your choice of bike but the bigger and heavier the bike the harder the ride will be. 


Q. Can I hire a bike? 

Yes, this year we are pleased to announce we have the facility to hire bikes thanks to our main sponsor All Terrain Cycles. So those who want to try a road bike for the day or are unable to transport their bike to the sportive we advise pre booking and hiring a bike. Please note hire bikes cannot be hired on the day and must be pre booked prior to the event date. Riders will need their own helmet as these do not come with bike hire and sorry but no helmet = no ride.

Cost is £30 for the day and All Terrain Cycles are kindly donating all money raised from bike hire towards the final fundraising totals. 

Bikes available are Trek hybrids (Ladies and Gents) and Giant Defy Road bikes.

Please arrange all bookings and pre payment with All Terrain directly and call Tony or Tasha Booth on 01274 588488. When booking please make it clear it is for the YLCC sportive.

All Terrain Bike Hire info 


Q. When will registration take place? 

Registration will take place on Saturday between 5pm-7pm and on the Sunday from 7.00am - 8.30am we would like to set the long route off first.


Q. How long will it take?

This all depends on a number of things;

Your average speed

How many stops you make and how long you stop for

And any mechanical problems (This is why it’s important to check your bike and make sure it’s road worthy)

Having said all that if your average speed is 10 mile an hr a 30 mile  ride will take 3 hrs 20 min with a break.

Average 12 mile hr for 60 miles with 30 mile break (2 × 15 mins) will take 5.5 hrs

Average speed 12 mile hr for 103 miles with 1hr break (4 × 15 mins) 9.5hrs

These are only a rough guides as sometimes you will be faster or slower than the average speed depending on climbs on the route.


Q. What are the routes like?

The 30 ml will be flattish on mainly quiet roads the busiest bit is going through Northallerton, there will be a few undulations (nothing major) there will be Marshals on busy junctions.

The 60ml follows the same route as the 30ml for approx. 22mls then heads off towards the hills which are mainly in the middle section. Lovely flattish bit to finish on.

The 103 ml follows the same route as 30+60ml for first bit and then splits from the 60ml at approx. 35mls heading off towards Ampleforth taking in a couple more hills. (No pain no gain, x it by calories burnt) it then follows a flattish route home.


Q. Will there be signage to follow?

All routes are signed and will have marshals at certain points along the way. Our signage is shown below and it is important to look out for the split route signs as shown .....or you may end up peddling further than you want to!



Q. Can I change routes?

Yes if you tell the marshal at the split point and you can only change if you are doing the 60 or 100 ml. 


Q. What food do I need?

We will have 1 feed station on the 30ml, 2 feed stations on the 60ml and 4 feed stations on the 103 plus a Water stop.

They will have various snacks and drinks on them, the two longer routes will have sandwiches at their feed stations.

Each rider should also bring their own snacks and drinks.

Feed station 1 – Park lands Caravan Park, Romanby

Feed station 2 – Mouse man of Kilburn cafe, Kilburn

Feed station 3 – Crakye Sports Club, Crakye

Feed station 4 – Boroughbridge football club, Aldborough

Water stop – for 103 route TBC

We will have some specific dietary food at the feed stations e.g. dairy free and gluten free please help us help you and tell us if you have a specific dietary requirement you will have to ask at the feed station as we will only have a certain amount. 


Q. Will there be toilets?

All feed stations have toilets and if needs be use a bush but don’t forget to check for nettles first. 


Q. Will there be mechanics?

You will have an emergency contact number for mechanics on the back of your numbers.

We will have mechanics going around the course on motorbikes, they will have emergency supplies on them, you are expected to carry your own tubes and pump as the mechanics may not have your size tube.

If you forget we will have tubes for sale at headquarters before you set off supplied by All Terrain cycles.

We cannot guarantee the mechanics can get to you quickly so please ensure you know how to change a tyre. 


Q. What accommodation is available?

We have dormitory accommodation available at a cost of £25, which includes a pasta party and breakfast on the Sunday. There is also an option to camp onsite. We have space left currently please email sportive@yorkshirelasscc.co.uk if you want to enquire re accommodation.

There are also lots of Hotels and B&B's nearby



Q. Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes no helmet no ride under British cycling rules.



Please see main event for details of all routes and links to map my ride to see elevations and detail. Below is a map of all routes to give you an idea on area. 

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