Several lasses recently braved the cold to take part in the Ellerker "Keep it Growing' Movember charity ride. I am pleased to say that none of us managed to grow a tash and all had to purchase one!

It was a clear and sunny morning but as we passed the frozen puddles and crunchy leaves, we knew we were in for a cold one as we went to register at the village hall. Quick cup of tea with plenty of cakes and snacks on offer soon warmed us up to go and get ready for the ride. Conversations by the cars about how we looked in our tashes, and the giggles as we all popped our heads up with them on definately set the tone for the day. One of the Lasses (guess who from the pictures) was not happy with her first tash - as it looked too normal - so went for a more 'porno' look instead!!

So after laughing at our new facial accessories, we made our way to the start line. Before you know it, we had all created names for each other and the YLCC squadron was formed......reporting for duty were..........

We all set off after amusing the rest of the start line, well mostly amusing ourselves...! And were happily cycling along warming up when we heard a noise. As we turned around there was Captain Chaos on her side in the mud....little did we know how apt her name would be...! Climbing the first hill, Bluebird stopped in front of me and said 'this looks like one of ours' as she rescued a fluffy tash from the tarmac - I thought it was road kill as it was Wing Commanders! We laughed and chatted our way round the rest of the route, and almost back Captain Chaos struck again. It was a puncture this time but could we get the wheel off - nope! It seems Captain Chaos had glued her tyre to the rim.....well she hadn't but none of us could get them off as they were so tight. Rescued by a fellow cyclist and Captain Boil (don't ask we named him at the start line after he told us a horrible story....) we set off again towards Market Weighton.

The Squadron had all got a little cold by now, so we upped the pace and raced back to the finish line. Still sporting the surviving facial hair - most had fallen off by now, or we were on our second or third look - we tucked into our pie and peas. We almost lost one of the squadron, Bluebird to the Mules cycling club but she soon came running back when they showed her their pink helmets to match their kit!

It was Bluetits first sportive - wonder if she will wear a tash to the next one.....



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