Blog from 4th October 2015

Last month a few of the Yorkshire lasses decided to have a weekend away, and take part in the Ladies of the Lakes Sportive. Quite excited about spending a weekend together, many conversations started re what to bring for arrangements and how we were going to spend the Saturday night...all the important stuff covered!

I for one hadn't really thought about the route - it looked stunning, I love the Lakes, and a weekend away with the girls - what could go wrong? As the weekend approached however, we all began to read about the finer detail.....gradient of hills and a 'fist full of brakes' required on the last descent...! Oh dear.....what had we let ourselves in for.....?

Well it turns out, a stunning and well organised route....with fab food stops (we love a bit of cake!).... yes there were hills...and a steeper one round the corner.....peddle and repeat for several miles until you find a lake....but did we enjoy it......Oh yes!


Ladies of the Lake from Alison Tiffin on Vimeo.

Blog update 8th November 2016.....

.....Well we enjoyed last year so much we went back for more........another fab day in the beautiful Lakes with some new members not knowing what to expect. It was windier than last year, and we decided to do the shorter route this year for a change. I for one was grateful as I had done a 100 mile sportive the weekend before and my legs were shot up those hills!! Managed to catch up with everyone else on the flatter bits and it was a sunny day so good time was had by all. It's a great weekend and we certainly make the most of it - especially making the most of the night before and the house we hired!! We mainly became Yorkshire Lass Camera Club this weekend and perfected a conga version of putting rider numbers on our backs.........




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